The Challenge

Each year a committee is formed to create a challenge for the guild members.  Specific rules and guidelines are given (sometimes accompanied by a specific fabric).  Each member is then "challenged" to create a quilted piece which conforms to these guidelines.  Projects such as these can help push you into areas of quilting you might not otherwise go.

Each member keeps their project secret until the April meeting.  On that night, after the business meeting, members view the entries and vote on their favorites.  It is always an enjoyable program.  We also celebrate the guild's birthday at that meeting.

Participation in the challenge is optional. 

For Past Challenges see Patterns...

The April 2017 Challenge

NEW! The theme for 2017 is "A Night at the Museum - Van Gogh Revisited".

This year we are challenged to create a Masterpiece! Create a version of ANY Vincent Van Gogh work. This challenge will be your INTERPRETATION of the piece you choose.


   * May be any size   

    *Must have a picture or copy of the original Van Gogh work attached (pinned at a bottom corner)   

    *Must be "framed" (real or fabric or...)

    *Can be embellished

Submit your finished challenge in a bag at the April 20, 2017 meeting and join us for an exhibition of masterpieces!

List of works by Vincent van Gogh:

The UFO Challenge 2017 (administered by Cindy Huffman and Joanne Streacker)*

Cindy Huffman and Joanne Streacker have issued an UFO challenge to the guild. How many UFO's can you finish this month? Next month? By year's end? Bring your completely finished UFOs to guild. Each month, you will fill out a slip of paper for each finished item and place in a jar provided just for this challenge. Joanne and Cindy will tally what you finished so that by next January, there will be one winner, the Queen of UFO's, who will take home a fun prize.

Here is a link to some organizer pages, to help you inventory and keep track of your UFO's. 

*This challenge is for true UFO's that are quilted objects, completely finished...

The Block-of-theMonth Color Challenge 2017 (administered by Kathy Haver and Marsha Randles)

Using the same 12.5 x 12.5 (finished) block pattern, each month will have a different color challenge. The color will be announced in the guild meeting and the block will be due at the following meeting. The interpretation of the block, in color, is up to the individual (shading shown on the attached pattern is only to illustrate the different blocks requites in the final piece) and appliqué blocks may be substituted for any of the block units but the colors MUST follow the challenge made at each meeting. Blocks will be kept for an as yet undetermined final project or projects (depending on how many blocks are received. 

-  February color selection: Black-and-white

-  April color selection: Primary Colors (Red, Yellow and Blue)

-  May color selection: Secondary Colors (Purple, Orange and Green). Please keep in mind that prints are acceptable as long as the main color is Orange, Purple or Green. (Think of a print with two or three of these colors). 

-  June color selection:  Complementary Colors – opposites on the color wheel. You are welcome to use any color as long as they are opposites. 

- July color selection - Analogous Colors:  Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, using a color wheel with the primary (yellow, red, blue) and secondary colors (orange, purple and green) you pick the color yellow as the main color.  Then you would  choose green and orange  for your other colors because they are on each side of yellow.  Now remember you don’t have to stay with the pure colors.  For example, you could pick a dark golden yellow, an olive green and dusty orange to make a block that would fit the color assignment of analogous.  The one thing to keep in mind in choosing the colors next door to yellow is to stay it in the yellow green colors, and the yellow orange colors to keep the block analogous. You want to stay away from orange-red and green-blue colors 

      Another example of Analogous would be to choose green as your middle color then yellow and blue on each side.  You can then go from yellow to blue and any of the shades between, but you wouldn’t want your yellow to have orange in it or the blue to have purple in it.

      We are now working with the Triad colors that fall between the primary and secondary colors, like yellow-orange, or red-purple, or blue-green.

      Please try using print fabric if you wish.  Most prints read a color so don’t be afraid to use some prints!  Also use lights and darks, gray tones and pastels when making the block. The better the contrasts the more dynamic your block will look. You can also cut enough pieces to make 2 blocks out of the chosen fabrics and then play with the parts to find the design you like the best before you sew the block together.

- August color selection Split Complementary. Are you asking yourself, what in the world is Split Complementary? OK. Complementary means colors across from each other on the color wheel. The split part is that you chose the analogous colors on each side of one of the complementary colors, and then use the other complementary color. Example: I am choosing red and green as my complementary colors. Now I am going to make green the color to choose the analogous colors. This means that I don’t use green-green but I use yellow greens and blue greens. The block will be made up of yellow greens and blue greens and red. Remember, you can use colors that have white added to make them lighter, or gray added to give them a dusty look, or black to make them darker. Also, you can use prints that have other colors in them but the fabric needs to ‘read’ the colors you have chosen for your Split Complementary. 

- September color selection - Triad, any 3 colors that are 1/3 around the color wheel. 


- October color selection - Monochromatic - – any color! Make your block explode with various shades of a single color. 


NEW! Hatchet Block

*Hatchet Block: Cindy Huffman will bring a pattern for the Hatchet block in May, members will make a baby quilt and bring the final quilt to the July meeting. Quilts will be donated to charity

NEW! UFO challenge for 2018

Something Different; Put a UFO to work for you! – Start sorting through your “UFO” projects and bring one to show at the March 2017 meeting that you think could be made into a good bag or tote. It will be given to someone else, cut up and returned to you has a tote or purse. This is a great example of “repurposing or recycling”. The revealing of your bag or tote will be at the January 2018 meeting.