2016 - 17 Meeting Minutes

November 2017 - I am unable to upload the pdf on this site builder. Below is the text of the minutes. If you wish a pdf copy, go to the weekly back-up site at https://blackswampquilters.weebly.com/minutes.html


November 9, 2017

President Ruth Lucius called the meeting to order at 8:11pm

**program went ahead of the meeting, which is why the meeting was later

Introduction: 58 members in attendance and 1 visitor

October minutes no corrections

Treasurer’s Report no corrections

Committee Reports:

Retreat Joanne Streacker: Another fantastic year, members had a blast. Next year’s retreat

will be October 18th thru October 21st at the Findlay Inn. Room rate is $94.00 per night and

you can make reservations now. Retreat cost for 2018 will be around $90.00. Retreat

Committee Members for 2017 assisting Joanne were Diane Giveins, Sandy Lepper, Shirley

Levin, Rita Trumbell, Rachel Rentz, Sheila Painter and Mary Lee Grabowski.

Old Business

    a. December Brunch Mary Lee Grabowski: Brunch will be held December 9th at the

Bowling Green Country Club same location as in past years. Fee will be $16.00 and

will cover meal, rent for the room and tip. Doors open at 9:30 and meal will be served

at 10:00. $10.00 Quilt or sewing related item if you want to participate in the gift

exchange. Jenny Morlock will be doing a game and Renee Ball will be bringing food for

members with special diet needs.

New Business

    b. Room Rental Louise Kimpel: Park District provided a bill which included a $100.00

refundable deposit. Need to address the issue with two groups meeting at the same

time, in addition to parking. Current rate is $35.00 per meeting, very discounted rate.

The schedule shows all Thursdays, except for Friday May 11th when we have a

speaker. Workshop at the Community Center the next day.

    c. Budget Committee Bess Wood: Dues were discussed for different rates for members

receiving information via internet and hard copy. Gretchen Schultz made a motion

that the Executive Committee take it under advisement, Bess Wood seconded. Shari

Wiseman commented a change in the bylaws should be made to cover the expense of

stamps, printing and envelopes. Voted on and passed to take it to the Executive

Committee to make a recommendation.


• Mini Group, correction date is November 13th at the Stoney Ridge Library

• Next meeting brunch December 9th at the Bowling Green Country Club

• Drawing Marica Buckeyes, winners are Harlene Wood, Kathy Hassik and Nancy Jacobs

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35pm

Program: Cindy Huffman, Antique Sewing Machines

Project #1 UFO Sheila Painter won the prize for completing the most UFO’s during the year.

Charity Quilts show and donate

Show and Tell

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