BSQG 2014 CHallenge - "Summertime"

Quilt must interpret the theme "Summertime".   The idea is to make a quilted project that represents this theme to you. For example, travel, gardening, sports, or walking in a park could be represented. Or it could be something much less literal, like using summer colors or just interpreting the mood that is summer to you. Whatever the word SUMMERTIME means to you.
The rules are very simple:
    1.    The project must have 3 layers and have quilting.
    2.    The project must interpret the theme SUMMERTIME.
    3.    The project can be any shape or size. It could be a traditional quilt, a bag, table runner, hat or a wall hanging. What ever shape is needed to represent summertime to you.
    4.    Any quilting technique may be used. Pieced, applique, art quilt, embellished or not, or three dimensional. Anything goes.

The quilts were presented at the April 10 meeting.

BSQG January 2014 "Green Thumb Challenge"

The instructions and templates for the January 2014 "Green Thumb Challenge" are linked here and here, reapectively.

BSQG Banner Blocks

The Black Swamp Quilters Banner is displayed at all our meetings.

Each member is asked to contribute a block with their name and the year they joined printed on the center square.

Directions for making your block are found on the pdf  here