Future Retreat Info

NEW! Black Swamp Quilt Retreat 2017 : "Paws for Quilting"

October 19 - 22, 2017 

Bring the completed forms and your check to the April 20, 2017 meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting in April, please mail the registration items, found here,  to Joanne Streacker. 

The initial registration deposit will be $70 for members and $90 for nonmembers ($60 and $80 nonrefundable, respectively). Any remaining money due will be announced In July and due by the August meeting. Please note the retreat challenge is listed on the information page, along with several other key pieces of information pertaining to the retreat, including hotel numbers, no personal irons and craft/tv, and what included in price, etc. Please also note that we have so much fun together because all the attendees help out with demos, prizes, table favors, etc. A simple check mark or X on the registration lets the committee know what you are doing this year, and you can get together with a friend or two to for these items. The more, the merrier! 

This year, the committee asks for a donation to a Sandusky county pet re-homing facility, Another Chance Sanctuary. Local vet, Laura Hirt, heads up the operation to give abandoned pets a new home full of love. A list of needed items will be posted closer to retreat time, by the end of the summer. Dr. Hirt and her staff will be picking these items up at Quality Inn during the retreat. 

The Facebook page, Black Swamp Quilters retreat 2017 Paws for Quilting, is up and running. To be included on this page, you must belong to Facebook and click the request to join button on the PAWS page, if you are not already part of the group. This is a closed group so your request must be approved. Only members of the retreat and guild members are to be part of this page. 

The committee is so excited to be working on another fun year for the guild retreat. We can't wait to see you "Paws" for quilting! 

Joanne Streacker, retreat committee chair 

Retreat Committee Members: Sandy Lepper, Rita Trumbull, 

Rachel Rentz, Shirley Levin and Mary Lee Grabowski 

P.S. A message from the committee chair re typos in the registration forms:

"The correct price is $70 deposit for members, as stated at the meeting. Please, if your form has $75 in the title block of information, disregard. The correct amount should be $70 for members. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.
"Also, we are donating to Another Chance Sanctuary (NOT Sancuary) in Sandusky County. "

The retreat organizers wish to thank all those donors who made the 2016 retreat a success.

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