Our members donate quilts to a variety of charities! In 2013, approximately 200 quilts were donated to the charities we support. Our guild donates to a variety of local organizations, so just about any size or kind of quilt can find a home. Because we are a charitable organization, each member is asked to donate two quilts*** a year. These do not have to be heirloom quality; they can be tied, pillowcase style (without binding), or fleece-backed. Our members can choose to donate to a specific group, or donated quilts can go to the group most in need.

Our members are continually making baby quilts and youth quilts which are donated to the Children's Resource Center (CRC) in Bowling Green, Ohio.  This is a local agency whose services include helping young teenage mothers.  Sometimes these hand made quilts are the only gifts these mothers receive. 86 baby quilts were given to CRC during 2010!

We also donate quilts to The Cocoon, a shelter for women and children who are dealing with domestic abuse. 

On a more limited basis, we have also donated to Ronald McDonald house, the Wood County Historical Society, St. Vincent's Hospital - Children's Palliative Care Unit, Quilts for Heroes from the Heartland (American Veterans) and Project Linus.

Following are the suggested quilt sizes for the various organization we support:
Children's Resource Center
        Coordinators:  Barb Henning          Baby -- 36" by 48" or larger
                                Wendy Jenkins       Youth -- 48 by 60

The baby quilts are often used as "floor quilts" to provide babies a safe, clean place to play, so think sturdy, washable and colorful. . The youth quilts are generally lap quilts for adolescent boys, but there are girls in need as well..
Cocoon Shelter
        Coordinators:    Karen Glassford 
This shelter serves victoms of domestic abuse in Wood County. They are in need of bed-sized quilts, 60 x 72, or larger. Any color is OK.
St. Vincent's Hospital -- Children's Palliative Care Unit
        Coordinator:  Kathy Bartley
Any size is welcome as these quilts go to children of all ages from neonate (24 x 24; can be used as keepsake items for parents) to youth/ 18 years (48 x 60). Most colors and sizes are useful.
Quilts for Heroes from the Heartland
        Coordinator:  Shari Wiseman (who is willing to accept unquillted tops in these sizes; contact her for more information)
These are for American Veterans receiving treatment at the VA Hospital in Cincinnati.

Adult quilts --- 60 x 84 (lon twin), male or female colorways. Baby quilts, 36 x 48 or larger.The donor can also make pillowcases to coordinate with the quilts, lap robes, and baby quilts.

Project Linus
        Coordinator:  Deborah Tell   
These are given to children in need. Any size children's quilt is needed, generally 26 x 48 or larger. Children's colors.

Wood County Hospital Cancer Center

          Coordinater: Anita Kopp

Lap quilts are used for patients receiving cancer therapy, for cofort and to keep warm during treatment. Usually adult-sized, so lareger lap quilts, 48 x 60, or larger.  

*** We receive donation fabric from several organizations. There are larger pieces available to use as backing.  Check with Karen Glassford or Cindy Huffman if you would like to use this donated fabric. If you are donating more than two quilts, and need batting, the guild has some available.